Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall Bib: Udsolgt

Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall Bib: Udsolgt

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Assos Equipe RS Spring fall Bib shorts.

Thermal bib shorts for training and racing in the cool, dry conditions of spring and fall. These shorts are built for cyclists committed to the racing and training program, regardless of falling temperatures.

These bib shorts are appropriate for cooler temperatures that don’t yet warrant knee or full-leg coverage. The thermal insulation is reinforced with inclusions (the twinDeck construction on the crotch panel) and omissions (we left out the kraterCooler chamois ventilation in that same panel) designed to preserve core warmth without providing too much coverage. The balance of warmth and breathability recommend these shorts for tempo efforts and base miles in cool temperatures, and the addition of warmers—secured with the shorts’ Ultralight Leg Grippers—lets them follow the mercury still further down the thermometer.